We are an innovative partner in the field of intelligent traffic monitoring. By utilizing optical fibers, we can detect vehicle passage and provide valuable data for effective maintenance planning. Our monitoring system enables continuous monitoring of tunnel conditions, identifying deformations, and preempting potential issues in real-time. Our technologies allow for the monitoring of railway crossing zones, ensuring the safety of railway operations. With our geotechnical monitoring system based on FBG technology, we optimize construction safety measures.

We are also a reliable partner for continuous monitoring and protection of critical infrastructure, minimizing damages and preventing deterioration. Thanks to our innovative technologies based on optical fibers, we enhance efficiency and safety in infrastructure projects.


Smart Traffic Monitoring

Innovative technology for detecting passing vehicles. To ensure the long-term durability of road infrastructure, fast and intensive monitoring is crucial. Based on measured data, this monitoring facilitates road maintenance and the implementation of necessary preventive measures. The uniqueness of our monitoring system lies in the use of a specially designed tensometric detector (Asphalt road detector), suitable for installation in asphalt layers or beneath the road's surface. With its high sensitivity throughout its length, the detector provides data for effective road maintenance planning.

  • Embeddable in lower road layers
  • Balanced response with excellent sensitivity
  • Classification and measurement of passing vehicle weights


FBG Monitoring of Tunnels

Long-distance monitoring of tunnel conditions. Tunnels play a significant role in the movement of people, goods, and services. Therefore, ensuring public transportation and operational safety relies on their load-bearing capacity, integrity, stability, and lifespan. With our fiber optic technology, it is possible to continuously monitor the structural condition and real-time development of deformations such as cracks, lining fissures, displacements, falling blocks, etc.

  • Remote monitoring considering environmental influences and operational load
  • Assessment and prediction of tunnel conditions
  • Real-time data measurement and analysis


Real-time Monitoring of Transition Zones on Railway Tracks

Transition zones on railway tracks are typically unstable areas between the railway embankment and engineering structures such as bridges, road intersections, water channels, and tunnels. Due to the impact of heavy loads, track degradation accelerates in these areas. As a result, irregularities occur, potentially damaging track components and compromising passenger comfort. Continuous monitoring of railway transition zones is necessary to detect changes at an early stage and ensure the safety of railway operations.

  • Ongoing assessment of railway safety
  • Control and prevention of hazardous changes
  • Reduced maintenance costs


Optimizing Structural Safety Measures

A geotechnical monitoring system based on FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating) technology allows the evaluation of geotechnical engineering structures, locations, and different environments in accordance with geotechnical design. It provides useful information about the current state of the terrain and serves as a basis for potential construction or engineering measures. This enables early identification of risks related to construction, assembly, or maintenance of buildings and facilities.

  • Prevention of catastrophic failures
  • Timely warning in case of events
  • Risk management and cost control


    Protect Critical Infrastructure from Damage or Destruction

    Critical infrastructure includes essential facilities vital to society and the economy, necessary for maintaining public order, supply, and other priority tasks in delivering social services. Examples include extensive power distribution systems, transportation networks (highways, bridges, tunnels, railways), information and communication systems, engineering networks, and buildings. To protect this critical infrastructure from damage or destruction caused by natural disasters, terrorism, criminal activities, etc., preventive measures in the form of continuous real-time monitoring should be implemented.

    • Continuous monitoring of critical infrastructure
    • Early warning of events
    • Minimization and control of damages

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