Monitoring of building structures as bridges, tunnels, even geotechnical applications such as sinking of embankments, instability of slopes etc has become everyday reality nowadays.

Our technologies enable us to monitor large-scale projects where the distance among individual sensors can be up to tens of kilometers and there can be sensors of different quantities such as deformation, shift, pressure, temperature, tilt, vibration etc.


Structures monitoring

Monitoring of building structures and geotechnics uses unique properties of optical fiber sensors that are installed in structures.The main advantage is that the sensor is passive, meaning, it does not require mains or battery power and is connected to the measuring unit only by an optical cable. As the information is transmitted by optical cable, the measuring unit can be tens of kilometers away from the measuring point.

Moreover the properties typical of optical solutions such as the dielectric nature of sensors are added which solves the problem of their operation during the storms - no influence of electromagnetic radiation, long life, almost maintenance-free operation, simple installation, small dimensions etc. In many cases it is then their association into sensor networks that are monitored from the single surveillance center and there can secondarily be used already installed fiber optic to connect them.


SHM (Structural Health Monitoring)

The most frequent application is SHM of bridges. Deformation sensors of a certain length, eg 1 meter long are usually used, which measure lengths (whether extended or shortened) between two points. This monitoring enables measurement of static changes, for example between the bridge abutment and the bridge deck, the condition and development of cracks, deflection of beams etc. It is also possible to use sensors to measure dynamic changes caused by bridge loading (e.g. train crossing). Beside it tilt sensors, displacement sensors or vibration are used.


How are optical fibers utilized in the field of structural and transportation engineering?

The utilization of optical fibers in sensors for measuring the statics of bridges represents a revolutionary advancement in the field of structural and transportation engineering. Through collaboration with our partner Safibra s.r.o., we have successfully implemented these advanced sensors, enabling us to monitor and measure a wide range of parameters with precision and reliability.

Optical fibers, in conjunction with computational technology, enable automated data processing, significantly improving our decision-making capabilities and enhancing the efficiency and safety of bridge structures. With this innovative technology, we are able to achieve excellent results and provide modern solutions for bridge projects.

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